Jamie XX - Girl.

of course it’s amazing.

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Whatever happened to this sequel? Seriously.

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The boys are back.

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Life Update? Maybe?

  • I seriously don’t think I’ve ever been this busy professionally in my life. We have 6 major accounts at my job and a bunch of smaller ones, and right now, I’m the lead on 4. i just finished up being the lead on 3 smaller ones. waiting on the 4th confirmation from a higher up, but it kinda came through today from my immediate superior.
  • speaking of work, i started fucking a co-worker. she’s not looking for anything. it’s mutually beneficial and we get along. it’s clean. it’s simple. we talk/text/chat at work but nothing in depth. we did go out to brunch this weekend and that was nice. no drama. if everything was this easy, i would be so much happier.
  • i’ve spent a lot more money than i’ve wanted to on ‘life’ things these last few months. whether it’s insurance of some sort, phones, protection plans, etc. i’ve accepted the fact that i’m an adult, but i do miss being able to buy Supreme shorts and not think how I can’t eat anything over $5 the week after.
  • i’ve been bailing a ton on plans. mainly because i miss sleep. especially on the weekends.
  • i’m trying to be a happier person, but i’m still pretty crabby.
  • pop culture has been treating me well. i’ve seen Cap 2. i’m going to try and see most of the summer movies since they look good. TV has been excellent as well. really excited Orphan Black has started up again and i’ll most likely be catching up on Veep in the coming months.
  • my go to drunk food lately has been cheese fries, which are harder to come by than you think. it’s kind of surprising.
  • my recreational drug use has gone up slightly, but only in social circumstances. i don’t sit around and get high anymore. i maybe instead will do a tiny bump while i’m out and then get high with whatever girl i’ll be with as the night ends.
  • the last two weeks i’ve barely slept like 4-5 hours a night. i know some of those nights were not spent in my own bed, but still, it’s just weird.
  • i really feel like i need new music. i always have new fun/dance/club music, but new hardcore and rap is severely lacking.
  • summer wardrobe revamps are expensive, but necessary.
  • getting into shape now wasn’t as easy as it was in the winter before everything went to shit, which is surprising.
  • i really want to make some other changes, but idk if i’ll have the time to.
  • i’ve been using more and more abbreviations in my writing. idk, wdym, haha, lbr, tbh, etc. and i hate it. i used to be such an eloquent typist.
  • i think i’m going to go to bed now.
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i didn’t have this on my dashboard and idk why. this is the most incredible photoset ever.

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the only song ever.

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Color Film - Until You Turn Blue.

will be always be a sucker for Daryl Palumbo. forever and always.

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